Markham RobertsMarkham Roberts is known for his ability to work in any design vernacular, bringing a fresh and modern approach to classical design. His work, which has been described as “the very definition of chic,” is known for its inventive combination of layered pattern and color as well as its bold juxtaposition of fine furniture and works of art. Above all, Markham Roberts enjoys making his clients happy in their surroundings, and his finished projects are a heightened reflection of the tastes and desires of his varied clients. Markham Roberts works primarily in and around New York City, but takes on projects throughout the country and abroad as well.

Born in Indianapolis, Markham Roberts attended Culver Military Academy and Northfield Mount Hermon School before graduating from Brown University with Honors in the History of Art and Architecture. Moving to New York, he began working for the legendary decorator Mark Hampton, where he trained for six years, gaining invaluable design experience. In 1997, Markham Roberts opened his eponymous design firm, enjoying immediate success, working on a wide variety of projects. He has earned the reputation as one of the top decorators of his generation. Markham Roberts and his work have been published in Architectural Digest, Domino, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, House & Garden, Southern Accents, Town & Country, and The New York Times.

Markham Roberts lectures on decorating across the country. His fine art photography has been exhibited in New York and Indianapolis. He sits on the board of the Cain Foundation, a philanthropic trust established by his late grandparents to support the arts, education, and to assist those in need.